Sp – Septic Tank Treatment for Slow or Overloaded Systems

Sp – Septic Tank Treatment for Slow or Overloaded Systems


  • Increases the Breakdown and Liquefaction of Organic Waste Including Proteins, Starches, Carbohydrates, Animal and Vegetable Fats.
  • Industrial Strength Formula Contains over 6 Billion All-Natural Bacteria and is 100% Environmentally Safe!
  • Cleans Septic Tanks, Cesspools, Slow or Blocked Pipes, Overloaded Systems, Clogged Pumps and Backed Up Leach or Drain Fields
  • Guaranteed to Work as an Organic Sludge Remover and Deodorizer.
  • Supply of 1.5 kg / 3.3 lb, 1 Scoop per Week Treats 500 and 1000 Gallon Tanks

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No Hassles, No Worries, No Clogged or backed up Tanks.

With this additional Sp – Septic Tank Treatment you will be able to treat for those slow pipes and overloaded systems. Please follow the instructions for application for a new non-treated septic system.

For the initial applications of an untreated standard 1000 gallon septic system, use 4 scoops a day for 7 days. Introduce all product by flushing directly down the toilet. For Maintenance applications, of the same 1000 gallon tank, use 1 scoop per week.

If after initial treatment the drains and leach field are overloaded and remain in bad shape apply 6 scoops per week for up to four months or until system is free flowing . Use regular maintenance treatment thereafter. Note higher doses may be required in cold climates or starting initial applications during winter months.

For more information visit www.hycura.com/septic-tank-treatment 

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