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  • How do I maintain a healthy Septic System?

    To maintain septic tank system health, it’s important to care for it on a regular basis. You can use additives like Hycura Sp – Septic Tank Treatment to clean and restore your system to original working order and cut down the strong odor from the sewage. Our septic tank additives will also get rid of dangerous pathogens that can throw off the balance within your sewage tank.

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    • It can also be wise to hire a plumber to do a comprehensive check-up on your plumbing system and repair any problems that may lead to septic tank failure down the road. You will also want to keep your drain field in order but turning away any excess water drainage channels and removing any tree roots that could be in the way.

      If your septic tank is backed up with sludge, you can hire a plumber to propel and pump out the tank to avoid any disruptions in the waste cleaning process.

    How long does a Septic System Last?

    Septic systems are engineered to provide long-term treatment of household waste when maintained properly. Occasionally, a system will fail prematurely due to improper maintenance and treatment. With Hycura, you’re removing most risk for premature failure of your septic system.

    What are the different parts of a Septic System?
    • Pipes are used to carry wastewater to and from the septic tank
    • The Septic Tank (aka Cesspool) holds organic solids and sludge
    • As the liquid waste gets filtered, a Drain field is used for distribution
    How does a Septic System work?

    The septic tank within this system stores wastewater, where human waste can decompose so that the recyclable parts can return to nature and the environmentally dangerous parts can be pumped away and disposed of.

    Why should I use a Septic System?

    For the sake of public health and environmental safety, septic systems serve a very important function. Septic tanks can safely treat and remove wastewater from any room within your home. Since these wastewaters may contain disease-carrying bacteria and germs, as well as other pollutants, it’s all the more important to dispose of this water and keep your home and environment protected. A properly functioning tank can really increase the value of your home, as well.

    What can cause a Septic System to breakdown?

    There are five reasons for septic system failure. None of these causes exist in a vacuum and can often affect the other. By gaining a better understanding of these factors, you can learn how to avoid them and keep your septic system running properly.

    Toxic Chemicals / Cleaners – Flushing household toxins like bleach, chlorine water and disinfectant is detrimental since most of these items have anti-bacterial properties that kill the healthy bacteria needed to break down the materials within the wastewater.

    Improper Waste Disposal – Throwing out items like rubber gloves, hygiene products, condoms, metals and more, can create blockage within your septic system, since the bacteria aren’t able to digest any of these items.

    Excessive Water Usage – If you are draining a hot tub into your septic system, it will push the solids within your tank out to the drain field, creating clogs and a failure to operate. Make sure to determine if the total amount of wastewater entering the system is more than it can handle, so you can avoid blockages and clogs.

    Faulty Design or Installation – Whether the size of the tank is incorrect or the location was chosen poorly, there can be an issue with your septic tank system. It is recommended that your tank system is installed by professionals, who can assess all of these factors and make the smartest choice for your installation.

    Sludge Buildup – Undigested sludge that has been building up without breaking down is a common cause of septic failure. Once sludge enters the pipes, it can block them up and create a system wide shut down.

    What is a septic tank drainage system?

    A septic tank drainage system collects and treats wastewater before discharging it into the water ecosystem. This system is important to use because it maintains public health and environmental wellness.

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