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  • Hycura™’s products are a simple application and a complex solution to a global problem. Our products are 100% natural, and environmentally safe. They requires less energy, and increase the capacity of any bio-wastewater treatment system. They contain a combination of aerobic, anaerobic and facultative anaerobic microbes, enzymes, nutrients and neutralizers necessary to break down and digest organic waste. They are created specifically for the decomposition of proteins, lipids, cellulose and carbohydrates.

    Hycura™ products are a non-hazardous material and is bio-catalytic in nature where in the presence of water, the bacteria multiplies every 30 minutes as it follows its food source. As it follows its food source it will multiply in above or underground water, unlike chemicals which dilute over short distances. This provides the ability to virtually eliminate sludge and crust in overloaded septic systems while cleaning up septic fields stopping the pollution of waterways, lakes and underground water.

Why use granular organic microbes?

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Septic System Treatment Basics

    • Hycura™’s products restores the biological population of good worker bacteria and enzymes which reduce solids.
    • It is developed with industrial grade products for residential use in any septic system. And with over 6 billion microbes and enzymes per gram it opens up and restores clogged septic tanks.
    • It helps reduce sludge buildup and prolongs the life of any system.
    • Hycura proprietary ingredients focus on breaking down and liquefying proteins, starches,
      carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats.
    • Regular use of Sp – Septic Tank Treatment in any septic system establishes thriving colonies of waste digesting microbes, providing uninterrupted cleaning action. This is accomplished as Hycura assists the natural enzymes and bacteria found in the sewage system.
    • Septic tanks can cause serious problems when overloaded or inadequately treated. They can cause acute and chronic health hazards, as well as polluting our waterways, and reducing our aquatic life.
    • Many things contribute to these problems such as cold weather, improper design, and the excessive use of caustics, bleaches and detergents. Hycura will relieve the situation, by reducing or eliminating pumping and by increasing the digestion of accumulated solids in manure handling systems.
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