Septic Tank Pumping

Do I need to perform septic tank pumping?

  • First it is important to understand the function of a septic tank or cesspool. In most cases the holding cell that collects the solids will gradually allow the liquids to flow out of the system into the drainage field. The remaining solids are built up and normally take a considerable amount of time to digest. This is why many industry professionals and home owners perform septic tank pumping on their holding tanks, the solids do not digest and need to be manually removed. Because of the use of household chemicals, detergents and anti-bacterial products that are widely used in most households, digestion of organic solids and sludge is impeded or even completely stopped. Here in lies the biggest problem for any septic tanks and cesspools alike. There is not proper or sufficient amount of digestion of solids which leads to build up within the tanks and leads to further problems in the leaching and drainage fields. Without proper septic tank maintenance or use of Hycura Sp – Septic Tank Treatment, these solids will continue to build up and eventually destroy the whole system.

    It is for this reason that industry professionals suggest septic tank pumping a system frequently which is very costly to the home owner but not as costly as a installing a new septic or cesspool system. As suggested above there is a better way! You can avoid both expenses pumping of the septic system and the potential need to replace the entire system. When properly used Hycura Sp – Septic Tank Treatment can digest sludge thereby reducing the volume of built up sludge and restore any septic system where there will be no need for manual removal of sludge and will increase the life of the system.

    How often should I pump? How do I pump the tank?

    There are different septic or cesspool systems that do not have a drainage field and is essentially just a large holding tank for both solids and liquids. These systems without a drainage field must be pumped without exception. If you own a septic tank or cesspool without a drainage field you will need to pump out your sewage depending on the usage of water and the volume of waste. There is no way around these systems, they must be pumped. For all other systems with a drainage field or rockpit there is other options. If your system has a drainage field then we guarantee that after proper use of Hycura Sp – Septic Tank Treatment you will never have to pump your septic or cesspool holding tanks again.

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