Septic Tank Cleaning

How to avoid septic tank cleaning costs and repairs?

  • Septic tank cleaning is an important part of preserving the overall plumbing system. It is vital since cleaning the tank will keep the system from clogging and also increase the life of the piping in the house. Because the septic system and piping within the house are very expensive, it is important to use the right procedures for cleaning the septic system otherwise it will fail and you will have to bear the hefty cost of repairing it.

    What to do?

    Below are a number of tips on proper septic tank cleaning.

     Septic Tank Treatment – “Septic Safe Additives”

    ‘Septic Safe Additives’ like Hycura Sp – Septic Tank Treatment are an inexpensive way to stay on top of your septic tank maintenance. Since the most common issues with septic tanks are due to sludge build up or excessive use of water, having a free flowing system free of clogs, blockages and all organic solids will prolong the life of any septic system. Not only will it clean and restore septic systems to original operating capacity but will also decrease the strong odor normally associated with sewage systems. Lastly using an additive like Sp – Septic Tank Treatment will further remove harmful pathogens that can be harmful in the waterways and spread disease.

     Plumbing Inspection

    A very wise approach is to hire a plumber to do a thorough examination of the plumbing system. He will examine all mechanisms and parts of the plumbing system to recognize and repair any problems. Problems can include cracked pipes, worn, leaking or damaged mechanisms and even problems with the plumbing fittings such as the hot water tank, faucets, toilets, showerheads, and drains.

     Drain Field Maintenance

    It is vital that you keep your drain field strong and flood resistant. Eradicate any tree roots that are located on or beside the drain field. Turn away any water drainage systems from the drain field such as floor drains, roof drains and other water drainage channels that could generate excess water in the drain field.

     Pumping the Septic Tank

    Waste sludge can collect in the septic tank and ultimately disrupt the waste cleaning process, over time. It can lead the raw sewage to back up in the sewer line and even run into the home, which can be very messy and costly to repair. Traditionally and as a last resort you can hire a plumbing service to propel and pump out the septic tank for hundreds of dollars, and can take a considerable amount of time. This can be avoided with proper use of Hycura Sp – Septic Tank Treatment.

    What not to do?

      • Never clean a septic tank without proper inspection
      • Never clean a septic tank when the area around it is flooded or the water level is high as it will destroy the tank and will render it useless
      • To prevent injury, the access lid(s) should only be removed by a licensed liquid leftover transporter. A septic tank contains gases that are lethal. Never climb into or enter a septic tank
      • If someone does fall into a septic container, make sure not to go in the tank to try to save them – call emergency rescue

    Follow these basic rules and you will be safe to work and clean the septic tank and will be safe from any injuries.

    To learn more about Septic Safe Additives, or for assistance treating, cleaning, and repairing any one of these septic systems, or with questions about the system on any existing property, simply contact Hycura today.

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