The Science of Naturally Cleaning Water

Traditionally wastewater treatment and the digestion of bio-solids is completed through a complex mechanical system often in conjunction with harmful chemicals. While these systems are becoming increasingly efficient, all still struggle with production  of residual sludge.  We believe that the future lies in synergy – using a combination of mechanical and biological systems that complement one another. Hycura products in affect completes the same process as is intended by nature and uses the augmentation of aerobic and anaerobic microbes to more fully digest the bio-solids. Hycura can be used in conjunction with existing systems to clean bio-wastewater effluent more efficiently with no environmental side effects.

The main reason why anaerobic digestion is not widely used or accepted is because of the typical slow rate at which effluent is digested. With the use of Hycura products, bio-solid wastewater is then augmented with billions and billions of microbes and enzymes that activates the breakdown of the bio-solids in such a way that it speeds up the process of digestion. This process of bio-augmentation decreases the time of treatment from months to days.

Benefits and By-Products

Bio-augmentation also has benefits beyond the breakdown and digestion of biodegradable wastewater, it releases by-products! These by-products are produced as gases and residual liquids. The following are the positive by-products: H20, CH4, and N2. Biogases can readily be used as renewable energy source, while the residual liquid can be used for irrigation. While Hycura’s products function with or without oxygen, it has been proven that these products increase the breakdown of bio-solids while increasing the rate of release of biogases up to 42%. This process of digestion decreases H2S gases while increasing the volume and quality of CH4 gases. With the decrease of H2S gas, odors are greatly reduced and Hycura products restore nature’s balance to the environment.

Hycura’s products have a controlled chain reaction where organic digested sludge turns into all natural nutrients which cannot re-solidify. This remaining liquid can be used as an all natural fertilizer. These benefits of bio-augmentation creates a mutualistic relationship between a sewage treatment system and its bio-solids. Some of our clients have seen an increase of 20% production of crops with the use of this mineral-nutrient filled liquid over commercial fertilizer.

Final Results

  • 42

    Increased Release of Gases

  • 20

    Increased crops when reused for Irrigation

  • 85

    Removes BOD, COD and Pathogens