The Hycura Advantage

Specifically Engineered for Results

What causes the most common problems and what you can do about it!

Developed in the Field

Hycura’s true success comes as a result of its exceptional research and product development. With the increased need of an all-natural septic tank cleaning product, Hycura was developed based on 60 years or septic solutions research and development. Hycura has created a more enhanced and highly effective septic tank cleaning product with industrial strength. Hycura’s septic tank maintenance products have been proven to be the most effective treatment for bio-solids effluent and sludge buildup on the market.

Results Matter

Achieving results is a core focus of all Hycura formulated products, which are manufactured to provide multiple solutions for major bio-wastewater issues. With regular application of Hycura products it removes the food source of pathogenic bacteria like Cholera and Typhoid, thereby decreasing water-born diseases. Treatment with Hycura decreases B.O.D. levels and assists in improving outflow readings within environmentally acceptable levels. This natural septic tank maintenance approach will also bring the wastewater’s pH levels within a neutral zone in both acidic and alkaline wastewater field conditions which help pipes, fixtures or surfaces increase their useful lifespan. The use of Hycura products has been shown to significantly lower concentrations of Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorous. Furthermore, results have also indicated a significant drop in total volatile count and coliforms from too numerous to count to 400 and 23 respectively.

Hycura’s bio-augmentation septic solutions products have a wide variety of applications ranging from municipal lagoons, septic systems, large scale anaerobic digesters and contained livestock manure handling systems.