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Cesspool & Leach Field Maintenance

A cesspit, or cesspool, is a simple hole in the ground, pit or holding tank. Often these pits are used to dispose of or hold urine and manure. Conventionally a cesspool was built of bricks where the disposal of sewage into the cesspool would allow for the liquids to drain out leaving the solids to remain. Overtime however those solids would build up and decrease the rate at which the liquids could escape, causing backups and a serious health risk. As this occurred many people would cover the old cesspool and build another one starting the process over again. This is how earlier societies controlled the flow of sewage. Often overflowing and then entering the streets and flowing down into the streams and rivers. It is a simple way similar to an outhouse and is very rudimentary in nature.


Thankfully over the years we have been able to develop a more sophisticated method of treating our wastewater. However, for many living in rural areas and some suburbs, away from central sewer systems, there are few options when considering ways to treat their wastewater. Many older homes still use cesspools as their main on site treatment of sewage.

Instead of the use of cesspools today it is more common and in some places regulated to use a septic tank. The development of septic tank systems has come with a lot of improvements. Now it is typically mandatory for a large drainage field deep underground to accompany a septic holding tank allow for the flow of liquid effluent into the ground rather than on the streets. These system are developed with high grade products to seal in odor and are designed for improve drainage through the drain field to completely allow a household to properly treat and manage their wastewater.

Considering the thousands of people that died from polluted water from these cesspools in the past this is a big step up. The trouble these days is that these systems still depend on the natural digestion of sludge or built up feces. Without major preventative treatment and maintenance these system back up and cause the same exposure and sickness, not to mention thousands of dollars of repair each time a system fails.

The basic problem of digesting our sewage and manure we produce has been and will always be a huge issue for public health and environmental protection. Hycura has developed a 100% environmentally safe technology to increase the rate of digestion, properly treat all organic wastewater, digest sludge, and bring all water within regulated guidelines. This process is called bio-augmentation through the use of anaerobic and aerobic microbe granulation technology.

With the proper use of Hycura products cesspools, septic tanks and the like can be used, treated and continue to be useful for many years without pumping and causing system failure.

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