Official Announcement: Hycura, Biological Wastewater Treatment Website Launch


It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the official launch of the Hycura website. Based on 60 years of research and studies we have been able to create a powerful all natural way to clean any organic wastewater. Our purpose and mission is to assist people everywhere to access clean water and properly treat and manage wastewater.

Water is the most important resource in the world and too many people are dying each day because of contaminated water. Every 21 seconds a child dies because of water related disease. There are droughts and water shortages throughout the first world countries where the proper use of treated wastewater can improve water consumption and minimize these major issues. Over 80% of the world’s wastewater remains untreated.

As a people we need to use the technology at hand and work together to solve the world’s biggest problem of polluted water. Hycura has set its sights on improving this situation and is working hard on the implementation of current technology while also completing new research and development to treat emerging contaminates that are starting to plague even developed countries.

Today along with the launch of our new website we are launching our Sp – Septic Tank Treatment which is specially targeted for use in any residential or commercial septic tank or cesspool. This enhanced product has a higher microbe and enzyme count and increased buffer content to neutralize the environment allowing the microbes entering the system to get to work quicker.

The proprietary formula is also focused on protein and fats which are generally higher in wastewater found in septic tanks. With the use of Sp – Septic Tank Treatment you will be able to digest built up sludge, remove clogs, free up slow or blocked pipes and reduce strong odors all the while cleaning the residual wastewater to environmentally safe standards, removing all pathogenic bacteria.

If you own a septic system then you have probably experienced or felt …

1. Frustrated at a Clogged Septic Tank, Drain Field, or Cesspool
2. Overwhelmed with expensive pumping of built-up sludge
3. Lost about how to properly manage a septic system
4. Upset at slow or blocked pipes
5. Fed up with strong disgusting odors
6. Worried about contamination the ground water
7. Concerned that you will have to install a new septic tank

You don’t need to anymore, visit to find out more about how you can have a stress free septic system.

Sp – Septic Tank Treatment is available online at and will soon be available at,,,,, and many more.

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