City digester receives 32% increase in biogas production

Environment Depot for Waste Water to Energy, (EDWWE) the parent company and manufacture of Hycura AD is pleased to announce the company’s plan to carry out 10 full scale anaerobic digestion enhancement demonstration projects within the state of California. These 10 new full-scale projects will be run for a three to four-month period of initial treatment using Hycura ‘AD’. This announcement comes after Hycura’s earlier successful completion of a full scale anaerobic digestion enhancement project completed at the Springville Utah wastewater treatment plant. This product demonstration in the plants anaerobic digesters reported a 31% reduction in its total biosolids volume and a 32% increase in biogas production.

Hycura’s anaerobic digestion enhancement product, Hycura AD, uses a proprietary Microbial Enhancement Technology (MET) granules that increases the rate of digestion in the anaerobic digester through the process of Bio-Augmentation, to digest and disperse the organic biosolids, which then increases the rate of release of biogas. This technology and bio-augmentation process safeguards current infrastructure, and is effective in most anaerobic digestion systems from landfill, industrial, municipal and livestock sectors. Anaerobic digesters using Hycura AD achieve up to a 30% improvement in at least two of the following main areas: increase total production of biogas, improvement of volatile solids destroyed, reduction of total biosolids, reduced costs of biosolids management, decreased use of chemicals, and decrease in hydrogen sulfide gas.

These results and announcement have spurred interests around the world to complete similar projects. In Canada, Olds College, located in Alberta, conducted a lab scale test to demonstrate the effects of Hycura products on the digestion of pig manure at 100% and 10% manure concentrations. Dr. Abimbola Abiola reported over a 40% increase in biogas produced at both concentration levels when Hycura was used compared to its control without any biocatalytic products used. In England, the University of York in conjunction with the Biorenewables Development Centre, commissioned Dr David Vaughan and Dr Fabien Deswarte to carry out a side-by-side 30 Liter lab scale test on a slurry of hog manure and crops. Their results showed that the total solids treated with Hycura were reduced by 14 % further than their controlled digester. They also reported 87.5% higher production in biogas over a 90-day period from the treated digester compared to the non-treated digester. In Greece, Themistoklis Sfetsas at Qlab conducted a lab scale test of a mixed animal manure and corn crop feedstock. This study reported a 24% increase in biogas production when Hycura products were introduced into its digesters, compared to those not treated.

If you would like to have your system assessed, or would like to learn more about how Hycura’s products can help your system decrease biosolids and increase biogas, please contact Jonathan Lee at or 1.403.399.9574.